GCEC is a Language & recruitment institution founded in 2017 in Malaysia with a branch in Iran .The Headquarter is located in Regensburg Germany. Its goal is to provide local and international students with the highest standards of education and facilities.

GCEC offers skills and lifelong education to both locals and international students.

Our programs will guide you through experienced expertise and individual attention required to succeed.

Our teaching approaches are delivering extreme qualities and the students are our central priority.

GCEC is proud to have lecturers of the utmost superiority and qualifications. Our lecturers come with years of experience in teaching, motivating, encouraging and guiding students to their ultimate achievements.

We recruit the best talents for contract, interim and permanent middle management positions across key business functions and industry sectors. We’re here to make recruitment better. Better facilities for our clients, candidates and our own people. We want to dispel the stereotypes and myths long associated with recruitment and show people we do things differently.


We build relationships, not databases.  We add real value that helps organizations and individuals grow.

All that we do is equipped towards one result, ensuring a successful outcome for our clients, candidates and our employees.

One size does not fit all.  We assess all mandates individually and adopt our methodology to suit each hiring requirement.

Our Mission

  • Our Mission
    • To provide skills and lifelong education to the rest of the world.
    • To provide skills and lifelong educations to the locals.
    • To provide living skills for better generations.
    • To build a better life for their families.